New Sources of Public Transit Data

In previous posts (here, here, and here), I used a lot of data from the National Transit Database to evaluate the farebox recovery of different transit agencies and modes. While that is one good source of transit data, two new ones have recently come out.

Just last week, the Department of Transportation Bureau Of Transportation Statistics  out out a data compilation from 270 transit agencies around the US. The data contained in the new release has lots of great information about transit lines and services for many of the biggest transit agencies in the country. By making this data widely available, the Department of Transportation is opening up opportunities for people to do their own analysis in ways that were not possible before.

Just playing with the data a bit, here is a map of the transit services around Sacramento and 1/4 mile buffers around them. It would be fun to take this and then overlay it with what areas are served by rail vs. bus and more importantly frequent vs. infrequent service.


And a couple of weeks ago, Yonah Freemark at The Transport Politic put up a ton of data in what he calls the Transportat Databook. The Databook is large collection of interactive charts and graphics that summarize all sorts of data in one place. A lot of the source data is from a variety of government statistics (including the NTD) but it’s really nice to have it all in one place and with nice interactive graphics to boot. Here is one favorite of mine:

Change in VMT.jpg

As I come across other good data sources, I’ll probably post some other good resources as well but for now I’ll just add these to the resource library here.



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